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Colored eggs…

Happy Easter!

(In case you’re wondering, the eggs look shiny because I rubbed them with some vegetable oil to give the color a little glow…)



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Tomorrow is This Farming Man’s mother’s birthday, so today I baked her a cake (she requested chocolate). I used my go-to recipe, Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cake. It uses oil instead of butter, so you don’t have to take the added step of creaming the butter before mixing in all the other ingredients. You just dump everything into one bowl, mix it up and you’re good to go.



The first cake I ever made from scratch came from this recipe. About ten years ago, I randomly came across a Martha Stewart Living magazine at work and was intrigued by the cover picture of Easter eggs decorated with this cool marble-ized swirl pattern. I took the magazine home to learn how to make the eggs, and I found an article inside that explained step-by-step how to decorate a cake. A friend’s birthday was coming up, and the article inspired me to make one for him. (I also tried to make the Easter eggs, but they turned out to be a bust…) Keep reading…

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