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Yesterday was a beautiful almost-spring day, so Brian, Megan and I took a road trip to Philadelphia. I’m a huge fan of the city, having spent my freshman year of college there, and I try to get back at least once a year. (It’s an easy drive from where I am now…)

The focus of the trip was a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Van Gogh exhibit, which was beautiful. But the real find of the trip was the Perelman Building, a newly renovated and expanded annex to the museum that focuses on modern art and design. Keep reading…


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Saturday was brisk and cold, the first day in a while where it really felt like January. But the sun was shining, so Brian and I drove out of town to enjoy the day.

We ended up in Petersburg, which is located just south of Richmond in Virginia. Keep reading…

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I had been looking for some reusable tote bags to replace my worn out Whole Foods bags for a while. I got these on my recent trip to Connecticut and New York with Brian (yes, the trip where our rental car was rear-ended). I bought the one on the right at the Arethusa Farm Dairy Store in Litchfield, Connecticut. And I got the one on the left at the airport on our way home. I grew up in Massachusetts, so I get a nice reminder of where I came from every time I use it…

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My favorite store in Germany was Käthe Wohlfahrt, which sells traditional German nutcrackers, smokers and holiday ornaments. I was completely enthralled by it. Maybe it was the infusion of Christmas spirit I got from the nearby Nuremberg Christmas market, but I wanted everything in the store. I ended up purchasing a nutcracker and a smoker, along with a selection of ornaments for myself and to give as gifts. Sure, I spent more than I should have, but these things will last a lifetime and bring back memories of my trip each Christmas when I put them up. By the way, the trees behind the smoker below were bought from vendors at the Christmas market itself. Megan bought me the tree on the left last year, and I bought the one on the right this year…

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If there’s one thing Germans are good at, it’s Christmas. (Well, there are lots of things Germans are good at, but you get what I mean…)

The day after we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States, outdoor Christmas markets open up all around Germany. Picture beautiful cobblestoned city squares packed with vendors selling handmade goods, delicious sweets and Glühwein, which is the German version of the wonderful mulled wine served around Europe during winter. Apparently, Nuremberg has the biggest and best Christmas market in the whole country, so we were right in the center of the action. Keep reading…

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Every year, Megan visits her sister and her sister’s family in Germany for Thanksgiving, and every year, I think about joining her. Well, this year I finally did it.

It was my first time in Germany. I haven’t done a lot of European travel, just trips to Italy and Spain, and my last big excursion was more than five years ago, so I was excited for the visit. Keep reading…

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Well, Connecticut and New York, actually. Brian and I went there this weekend to see fall colors and visit some architectural sites (Brian’s an architect). The trip started off with Brian finding out that someone stole $500 from his bank account. And the next morning, our rental car was rear-ended. But other than that, the weekend was great!

We flew into Hartford, then drove to New Haven and New Canaan in Connecticut, then Armonk, Rhinebeck and Red Hook in New York, before heading back to the airport via Litchfield. We saw a bunch of cool buildings and had a ton of great food, including dinners at Restaurant North in Armonk and Mercato in Red Hook, both James Beard Award winners. And we ate delicious fresh ice cream on Sunday morning, because we were driving past the Arethusa Farm Dairy, which is owned by the president and vice president of Manolo Blahnik (yes, the shoes). We also bought some yogurt there to eat later in the day before catching our flight.

One of the highlights of the trip was touring Philip Johnson’s Glass House. Johnson was a contemporary and friend of Andy Warhol, and he once hosted a party on the property featuring a performance by Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. We thought this was a fun coincidence, because Brian is dressing as Andy Warhol for Halloween, and I’m going as Lou Reed. (Megan is completing our Factory triumvirate as Edie Sedgwick).

Anyway, here are a bunch of shots from the weekend. Hopefully, they get you into the fall spirit, too…

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