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This Farming Man celebrated his birthday this week.

Megan made an amazing triple-chocolate cake, which we ate after our annual pilgrimage to my favorite Indian restaurant. And Brian got me two loaf pans, so that I can start baking my own bread. (Yes, maybe this will be the year that I finally stop talking about it and actually do it…)

He also got me these great dishtowels from Martha Stewart with chickens on them. This Farming Man likes chickens…



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I had some sour cream left over from last week’s bundt cake, so yesterday I decided to bake a sour cream pound cake. I found a recipe online, tweaked it a little by adding some vanilla to the batter and then increased the bake time (as usual, it took about 25% longer in my oven than the recipe indicated). The finished cake was moist inside with a crunchy crust and was a perfect Sunday night dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I’m always struggling to do something with the food I buy before it goes bad. There’s only so much celery I can eat after I buy a bunch for a recipe that calls for a single stalk. And since I live in a small city apartment, there’s not a lot of storage space, especially in the freezer.

But now that I’m getting more familiar with cooking, I’m able to be a bit more strategic at the grocery store and buy things that I know I’ll be able to use for more than one dish. And then I’ll push myself to actually use them. This weekend, I fried up a package of bacon that was close to expiring in my refrigerator and wrapped up the pieces to use in sandwiches in the future.

I hate throwing away food, so the extra effort has been worth it. Especially when it means more cake…

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Carry on…

Just a quick shout-out to This Farming Mom for giving me this awesome Tupperware cake holder/carrier. She’s had it for a number of years (note the 70’s yellow), but she happily passed it along to me when I asked for it. I’ll try to use it often!


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The other day, I finally got around to using the bundt pan I bought a few months ago. I used this Martha Stewart recipe for the cake, and then I played around with some ingredients on my own for the icing.

The cake was a little on the dry side. My oven runs cool, so I usually increase baking times. But with this, I should have stuck with what the recipe instructed.

And as you can see, the icing was a little too thick to really pour down over the sides of the cake and was mostly concentrated up at the top.

So my first bundt wasn’t a complete success. But no worries, I still ate the whole thing…

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Last night, I went to a potluck dinner with Brian and some of his friends from Tennessee. My contribution to the meal was a chess pie, which is a quintessentially Southern dessert, although apparently there are some variations from New England. It’s basically pure sugar, so some recipes include a teaspoon of vinegar to tone down the sweetness a bit.

I started with a recipe from Martha Stewart and added some unsweetened chocolate instead of the vinegar, so the finished pie tasted like brownies. It puffed up in the oven when it was baking and then settled as it cooled, so I covered the cracked top with some whipped cream when I served it…

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Today was cold and overcast, and after a quick trip to the grocery store in the morning, staying inside and baking felt like the right thing to do. So this afternoon I made peanut butter cookies.

The recipe came from My Father’s Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family & Togetherness, which was written by Gwyneth Paltrow (a This Farming Man favorite). Keep reading…

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This is a picture of the apple-pecan cake I made for Christmas breakfast. It’s a little difficult to see, but the indentation in the lower-right section of the cake is from my mom’s elbow. This year, I drove my parents down to my brother’s house for the holiday, and my mom had the cake on the seat beside her and, well… she said it was very comfortable. Luckily, it tasted good too…

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