Don’t get me wrong, I like my Scrubbing Bubbles as much as the next guy. But every time I use them, I feel guilty. Who knows what I’m doing to the environment just to keep from having to scrub my shower? (Seriously, all you have to do is spray and rinse…)

Well, I finally decided to try something new. Le Scrub from Method is a eucalyptus and mint-scented cleaner made with eco-friendly ingredients. Sure, I had to use a little more elbow grease than usual. But really, it didn’t take much effort at all.

I’ll be honest with you — I’m going to keep the leftover can of Scrubbing Bubbles under my counter in case I ever need to bring out the big guns. But once it’s finally gone, I don’t think I’ll be buying it again…


Happy Easter!

(In case you’re wondering, the eggs look shiny because I rubbed them with some vegetable oil to give the color a little glow…)


Mystery box…

I recently became a member of Arganica, a “food club” that offers year-round access to locally-sourced, artisanal and organic foods delivered right to your door. (I like that last part the best…)

Unlike a typical CSA share, Arganica lets you choose what you receive each week instead of just giving you a box filled with random fruits and vegetables. However, since I bought my membership through a special Groupon deal, one of my benefits is a free produce crate, which is… a box filled with random fruits and vegetables.

So now I’ve got a fridge full of carrots, strawberries, broccoli, apples, oranges, beets, onions and more. And I’ve got to figure out what to do with them all before they go bad.

I’ve already bookmarked recipes for a carrot-cumin salad, broccoli soup and a strawberry crumble…

Yesterday was a beautiful almost-spring day, so Brian, Megan and I took a road trip to Philadelphia. I’m a huge fan of the city, having spent my freshman year of college there, and I try to get back at least once a year. (It’s an easy drive from where I am now…)

The focus of the trip was a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Van Gogh exhibit, which was beautiful. But the real find of the trip was the Perelman Building, a newly renovated and expanded annex to the museum that focuses on modern art and design. Keep reading…

This Farming Man celebrated his birthday this week.

Megan made an amazing triple-chocolate cake, which we ate after our annual pilgrimage to my favorite Indian restaurant. And Brian got me two loaf pans, so that I can start baking my own bread. (Yes, maybe this will be the year that I finally stop talking about it and actually do it…)

He also got me these great dishtowels from Martha Stewart with chickens on them. This Farming Man likes chickens…


I had some sour cream left over from last week’s bundt cake, so yesterday I decided to bake a sour cream pound cake. I found a recipe online, tweaked it a little by adding some vanilla to the batter and then increased the bake time (as usual, it took about 25% longer in my oven than the recipe indicated). The finished cake was moist inside with a crunchy crust and was a perfect Sunday night dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I’m always struggling to do something with the food I buy before it goes bad. There’s only so much celery I can eat after I buy a bunch for a recipe that calls for a single stalk. And since I live in a small city apartment, there’s not a lot of storage space, especially in the freezer.

But now that I’m getting more familiar with cooking, I’m able to be a bit more strategic at the grocery store and buy things that I know I’ll be able to use for more than one dish. And then I’ll push myself to actually use them. This weekend, I fried up a package of bacon that was close to expiring in my refrigerator and wrapped up the pieces to use in sandwiches in the future.

I hate throwing away food, so the extra effort has been worth it. Especially when it means more cake…

Carry on…

Just a quick shout-out to This Farming Mom for giving me this awesome Tupperware cake holder/carrier. She’s had it for a number of years (note the 70’s yellow), but she happily passed it along to me when I asked for it. I’ll try to use it often!